Faculty: Arranged Alphabetically

Emmanuel K. Akyeampong
West African History, comparative slavery, social and cultural history
David Armitage Atlantic history; British history; History of international law; History of political thought; Imperial history; Intellectual history; International and global history; Literature and history; Main period: 1500-1800
Sven Beckert Nineteenth century United States history; emphasis on social economic and transnational history
Ann Blair  Early Modern France; Early Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History; History of the Book; History of Science
Sugata Bose Modern South Asian History; Indian Ocean History
Vincent Brown  Atlantic Slavery; Caribbean History to 1838; Early American History; American Revolutions in Atlantic Perspective; Diaspora Studies; Racial Politics; Death and Memorial in World History; History and the Audiovisual Media
Tomiko Brown-Nagin  Constitutional and social history; 20th century United States, including civil rights struggles; reform movements, law, and social change
Joyce Chaplin Early American History; Intellectual History; Environmental History; History of Science
Lizabeth Cohen 20th century US History, History of the Built Environment, Urban History, History of Consumption
Nancy F. Cott Social, political and cultural history of the U.S. in the 19th and 20th century
Robert Darnton History of the Book
Alejandro de la Fuente

Early modern and modern Atlantic history; Caribbean and Latin America history; African American history; law, race, and slavery

Emma Dench Hellenistic, Roman Republican and early Roman imperial history, especially questions of identity and historiography
Caroline Elkins Modern Africa; British Empire; Twentieth Century Counter-Insurgencies
Mark C. Elliott East Asia; late imperial China, China and Inner Asia, Manchu studies
Drew Gilpin Faust Cultural and gender histories of the antebellum and Civil War South
Niall Ferguson International history; financial history; American and British imperial history
Andrew Gordon Labor, class and the social and political history of modern Japan
Peter E. Gordon Modern European Intellectual History
Annette Gordon-Reed American Legal History, Politics and law in the Early American Republic (1776-1828), American Slavery (1619-1865), Jefferson and Slavery at Monticello
James Hankins Renaissance intellectual history; history of political thought, history of philosophy, and history of the classical tradition
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham 19th and 20th century American History, African-American History, Women's History, Religious Studies
Patrice Higonnet Comparative Historiography of the French and American Revolutions; the theme of suicide in French History and Literature, 17th-19th centuries; 19th and 20th century Political History; French History, 1750-1950
Tamar Herzog Latin America, Spain, Portugal
Maya Jasanoff Modern British and imperial history, with special attention to colonial South Asia, the British Atlantic world, and Britain's relations with Europe
Andrew Jewett United States Since 1865, American Intellectual History, American Politics, Modern Social Thought, Science and Religion, History of the Social Sciences, American Higher Education
Alison Frank Johnson Modern Central European History, International History; European Environmental History
Walter Johnson Nineteenth-century U.S., slavery, capitalism, imperialism; social and historical theory
Cemal Kafadar Ottoman History; Turkish Studies; Modern and Modern History of the Middle East and the Balkans
William C. Kirby Modern China; Business and economic development; Foreign relations; History of People's Republic of China; Contemporary Chinese business; Chinese higher education
Mark Kishlansky History of Early Modern Britain, focusing on the History of Politics and the Parliamentary Armies; Tudor-Stuart Period
James Kloppenberg Intellectual History of the U.S. and Europe; U.S. History
Jill Lepore American History and Literature
Mary Lewis 19th and 20th-century French and European Imperialism; Social, Legal and Political History; Immigration and Citizenship
Charles Maier Comparative 20th century European political, economic, and social history; global and international history including comparative empires; Cold War and European-American relations; German and Italian national histories
Erez Manela United States in the world; International History
Terry Martin Russia/Soviet Union and Central Europe; Soviet history-nationalism; Politics; Sociology; Surveillance; Islam
Michael McCormick Early Medieval History; cultures, societies, and economies of the late Roman and early medieval Mediterranean basin; biomolecular archaeology; computational philology; paleography and codicology
Lisa McGirr Twentieth-century United States, emphasis on politics and social movements. Interests include: reform movements; intersection of religion and politics; state and civil society; United States and the world
Ian Miller 19th- and 20th-century Japan, especially cultural and environmental history; comparative imperialism; history of exhibition; history of public health and medicine
Roy Mottahedeh Pre-Modern Social and Intellectual History of the Islamic Middle East
Afsaneh Najmabadi Socio-cultural transformations of gender and sexuality in Modern Middle East and South Asia
Kelly O'Neill Imperial Russia; Economy and trade in the Black Sea; Social and Cultural History; Comparative History of Empires
Steven Ozment Intellectual, Social, and Cultural History of Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe; Renaissance and Reformation
Serhii Plokhii Intellectual, cultural, and international history of Eastern Europe; emphasis on Ukraine
Intisar Rabb Islamic law and legal history, criminal law, Islamic and comparative constitutionalism, theories of legislation and statutory Interpretation
Emma Rothschild European History; Economic and Social History; The History of Economic Thought
Daniel Lord Smail Mediterranean Europe, 1000-1500; France and Italy; Early Global History; Historiography

Michael Szonyi East Asia; late imperial and modern China, social history,
Hue-Tam Ho Tai Social and cultural history of modern Vietnam
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Early American Social History; Women's History; Material Culture
Kirsten Weld

19th- and 20th-century Latin American social and political history; US-Latin American relations; oral and ethnographic approaches to historical research