Joyce Chaplin

Joyce E. Chaplin is the James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History.  A graduate of Northwestern University and the Johns Hopkins University, she is a former Fulbright Scholar.  She has taught at five universities on two continents and an island, and in a maritime studies program on the Atlantic Ocean. She is most interested in topics where humans and nature meet. 

Selected Publications
Joyce Chaplin

Position: James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History

Field: United States

Specialty: Early American History; Intellectual History; Environmental History; History of Science

Fall 2013:
- History 1915f: The Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin: Conference Course
- History 2468hf: The Environment and the American Past: Seminar (full year)

Spring 2014:
- History 97d: What is Environmental History?

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Robinson Hall

Room 122

35 Quincy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138



Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00-4:00