History of Early Modern Britain, focusing on the history of politics and political thought. Teaches courses on English social history, the Stuart Age,the English Revolution, and the Reign of Charles I. He is a frequent participant in the sophomore tutorial program and directs senior theses on British history.

Selected Publications

  • Sources of the West, 5 editions
  • Sources of World History, 3 editions
  • Civilization in the West (5th ed. 2002)
  • A Monarchy Transformed, 1603-1714 (1998)
  • Political Cultural and Cultural Politics in Early Modern England (1995)
  • Society and Culture in World History (1994)
  • Early Modern Europe: The Crises of Authority editor (1988)
  • Parliamentary Selection: Social and Political Choice in Early Modern England (1986)
  • The Rise of the New Model Army (1979)


Mark Kishlansky

Position: Frank Baird, Jr. Professor of History

Field: British

Specialty: History of Early Modern Britain, focusing on the History of Politics and the Parliamentary Armies; Tudor-Stuart Period

Fall 2013:
- Freshman Seminar 30z: George Orwell: Journalist, Essayist, and Conscience of an Age
- History 1133: The British Revolutions

Spring 2014:
- History 2133: Studies in Tudor and Stuart History: Proseminar

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