Erez Manela

I work on the history of the United States in the world and on modern international history. Regionally, I have focused on US interactions with Asia and the Middle East. Thematically, my interests include the evolution of international society and international orders; colonialism, nationalism, and decolonization; modernization and development; the roles of international organizations; and the history of global health. I also have a keen interest in conceptual and methodological aspects of writing international history.

I offer regular lecture courses on the history of the U.S. in the world as well as a range of undergraduate and graduate seminars in my fields of interest. In supervising senior theses and doctoral dissertations I am especially interested in working with students who adopt fresh approaches to the history of U.S. foreign relations and international affairs, looking at hitherto neglected actors, themes, topics, regions, or connections. 

For more information about my teaching and research, including links to selected publications, go to my homepage.

Selected Publications


Erez Manela

Position: Professor of History

Field: International

Specialty: United States in the world; International History

Full Year 2013-2014:
- History 3920hf: Colloquium on Teaching Practices

Fall 2013:
- History 89j: The United States and China: Opium War to the Present

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