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My research and teaching focuses on the archaeology and history of the fall of the Roman Empire and the origins of medieval civilization, particularly the discovery of the past through the uncovery of new data from new natural scientific approaches to biomolecular evidence, climate change, etc.

Selected Publications

  • Origins of the European Economy: Communications and Commerce, A.D. 300-900 (2001)
  • Five Hundred Unknown Glosses from the Palatine Virgil (1993)
  • Eternal Victory: Triumphal Rulership in Late Antiquity, Byzantium and the Early Medieval West (1986)
  • Index scriptorum operumque latino-belgicorum medii aevi: Nouveau répertoire des oeuvres médiolatines belges: XIIe siècle (1979)
  • Les annales du haut moyen âge occidental (1975)


Michael McCormick

Position: Francis Goelet Professor of Medieval History; Chair, Science of the Human Past

Field: Medieval

Specialty: Early Medieval History; cultures, societies, and economies of the late Roman and early medieval Mediterranean basin; biomolecular archaeology; computational philology; paleography and codicology

Spring 2014:
- History 1040: The Fall of the Roman Empire
- History 2055: Early Medieval History, Archaeology and Archaeoscience: Seminar

Contact Info

Robinson Hall

Room M-04

35 Quincy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138



Office Hours: Monday 2-3 & Wednesday 2-3 and by appointment.