Conference Funding

Conference Travel Reimbursement
Students in the department whose papers have been accepted for presentation at an academic conference may request reimbursement for travel-related expenses. Students may apply for the award twice per year (July-June), and may receive up to:

  • $500 for travel within North America
  • $750 for travel to Europe or South America
  • $1,000 for travel to Africa, Asia, or Australia
  • Students who are attending a conference but not presenting may receive up to $250.  This may include attendance at the annual AHA meeting. 

To receive this funding, complete and submit an application form BEFORE the conference to the Graduate Coordinator.  Note: You must obtain a signature from your advisor.

Once the application is approved and after travel has been completed, submit your original receipts* and your current mailing address to Cory Paulsen in CGIS S429.

*The department cannot process reimbursements for expenses older than 60 days after the date of the event. Funding is not automatic and depends upon availability.  For students who are traveling for job interviews/job talks, you may use the same application form and the same restrictions apply (maximum of twice per year; combined with conference travel award total). 

American Historical Association Annual Conference Funding
The department also provides funding for students who attend the annual American Historical Association meeting for scheduled job interviews. Travel expenses are reimbursed to a maximum of $500.  (Note:  this funding does NOT count against the maximum of two conferences that you can apply for funding.)

After returning from the conference original receipts no older than 60 days, AND documentation that at least one job interview took place, should be submitted to Dan Bertwell. Funding is offered only once during a student's academic tenure.