Harvard Program for the Study of Capitalism: Graduate Student Workshop


Friday, October 31, 2014, 3:00pm


CGIS South Building, Room 453, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Harvard Program for the Study of Capitalism is excited to announce its second graduate student workshop, this year with both Stanford and Georgia. At Harvard, Workshop participants will be gathering in CGIS South Room 453 at 3 PM this Friday.

Participants will be expected to have read the pre-circulated papers. For access, please contact: 

Rudi Batzell: rbatzell [at] fas.harvard.edu

Alisha Cromwell: alishamc [at] uga.edu

Destin Jenkins: destinj [at] stanfard.edu

Branden Adams“Pinkertonism in the Gilded Age.” History PhD Candidate, Stanford University.
Aaron Bekemeyer, History PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Laura Davis, History PhD Candidate, University of Georgia
James Owen, “Producing and Prosyletizing: Industry, Slavery, and Hymnody at Three Moravian Missions.” History PhD Candidate, University of Georgia.
John Gee, History PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Nicole Martin, PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Liat Spiro“Griff nach dem Weltmarkt: The German New Middle Class, Overseas Infrastructure Building and Empire, 1885-1914.” History PhD Candidate, Harvard University.
Lukas Dovern, History PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Ashley Roseberry, History PhD Candidate, University of Georgia

This digitally-hosted workshop will foster an ongoing, interregional relationship between Harvard’s Program on the Study of Capitalism, Stanford’s Approaches to Capitalism Workshop, and the University of Georgia’s History of Capitalism reading group. The Harvard-Stanford-UGA Workshop aims to foster a sense of community among graduate student researchers in the study of capitalism, and will begin with all participants briefly introducing their work, followed by presentations and discussions of three papers.