History 97 Course Information

Sophomores returning from leave who would like to take History 97 this spring (as first-semester sophomores) should contact Matthew Sohm, the History 97 Administrative Tutor, (msohm@g.harvard.edu).  History 97 is not a shopped course, and seminar and tutorial assignments will be made in December, so you will need to enroll as soon as possible.  

History 97 Seminars Cover Page Spring 2021

Image credits:  97B from https://www.thesanesparza.com/; 97E: A Hundred Horizons: the Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire from the British Library; 97H: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/534450680751510751/; 97I: https://www.loc.gov/item/2015650733/; 97P: T.C. Cannon (Kiowa/Caddo) Two Guns Arikara (1974-77). Oil and acrylic on canvas. Anne Auerbach and Family. Copyright, Estate of T.C. Cannon


To see the History 97 course descriptions for spring 2020, please visit the following links:

History 97B, “What is Intellectual History?” Wednesdays, 3:00-5:45pm

History 97E, "What is Imperial History?" Thursdays, 12:00-2:45pm

History 97H, "What is Urban History?" Tuesdays 12:00-2:45pm

History 97I, "What is Biography?" Tuesdays 12:00-2:45pm

History 97P, "What is Indigenous History?" Wednesdays 12:00-2:45pm

For the History 97 Spring 2021 informational packet and syllabus outline, please click here.