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The History concentration is focused on one discipline and basic methodology—studying the past in historical context—which can be explored in any time or place or type of approach (e.g. social or political or intellectual history). Students do not have to focus within the History offerings and the many cross-listed courses (including over half of the Hist and Lit 90s which are cross-listed in History); students may also count one course that is neither listed nor cross-listed in History. History requires only one course, Hist 97, which is taught in parallel seminars by ladder faculty. In addition students must take two seminars, and may take as many as they wish, which enable them to develop close contacts with faculty members. Many History lecture courses are also small (under 20 students). 

History and Literature asks students to focus their studies in fields organized by time/place (America, Latin America, postcolonial studies, modern Europe, early modern Europe, and the medieval world). Within that field, which is chosen at the end of sophomore year, you may count courses from many departments‹literature and history, but also art history, music, film, philosophy, etc.‹and students are encouraged to work across the methodologies of different disciplines. Courses you take outside your field of study ordinarily do not count, although students can design their own subfields to count courses that study different places, periods, and themes. Students can also count one History & Literature 90 seminar on any topic or one general humanities course. The concentration offers seminars capped at 15 students, small group tutorials in the sophomore and junior years, and the senior thesis is required.

Requires Application: No No
Number of Required Courses:

10 Half-Courses (basic)

12 Half-Courses (Honors)

14 Courses

Thesis: Optional; required for honors Not required
Joint Concentration Option:

Yes (with EAS and NELC; possible with other language departments)

Thesis Required

Tutorials: Sophomore spring; two seminars; Senior (honors) Sophomore spring, Junior full year, Senior full year.
Tracks: No Yes
Languages Required: No Yes
Secondary Field: Yes (5 half-courses) Yes