Thinking about a History Concentration?

Harvard students who choose History as their primary Concentration will benefit from the Department’s carefully sequenced program, which introduces students to the ways in which historians recreate the past while building skills of historical analysis, writing and research. During their studies, concentrators draw on the many historical resources on campus and in the greater Boston area, from the rich holdings of Houghton Library to collections across Boston. A large percentage of concentrators also study abroad, either during the academic year or for thesis research.

The department offers joint concentrations in Ancient History (Greek & Roman)East Asian History, Near Eastern History, African and African American History, and History and Anthropology.  Current concentrators have also crafted personalized joint concentrations with a wide range of other departments, such as Computer Science, Math, Music, Philosophy, Romance Languages and Literatures, and many more. If you're interested in pursuing a joint concentration, please sign up for office hours with either the ADUS or the DUS since personalized joint programs require the approval of both departments. 

Students who pursue History as a Secondary Field will find the Department’s interdisciplinary emphasis as well as its attentive approach to historical methodology to be a genuine complement to their primary area of study.

To learn more about the Undergraduate Program in History, visit the FAQ page or contact the members of the History Undergraduate Office in Robinson Hall 101.

Why History?

An Undergraduate's Perspective