Ancient History (Greek and Roman)

Requirements for Joint Concentration in Ancient History (Greek and Roman), 2022-23

Students whose interest in the Classics is primarily historical in character should consider concentrating in Ancient History (Greek and Roman). Ancient History (Greek and Roman) is a joint honors concentration co-sponsored by the History Department and the Department of the Classics.

The joint concentration aims to take advantage of the strengths of both concentrations in a balanced way; but the department in which the student chooses to take the senior tutorial will be responsible for making the final determination of honors. The goal of the program is to introduce students to the craft of historical study—the ways historians make sense of the past, and the skills of historical analysis, writing, and research—as well as to promote a critical understanding of the historical experience of ancient societies. In addition to in-depth language study and substantial course work in the history of antiquity, students enrolling in this concentration will do one-half of their tutorial work in the History Department and the other half in the Department of the Classics.

History 97 introduces students to historical analysis and writing on various themes, while Classical Studies 97 introduces the history, literature and intellectual traditions of ancient Greece and Rome. By taking a History Seminar in the sophomore or junior year, students are introduced to methods of historical research and writing and have the opportunity to conduct in-depth research projects. In the senior year, joint concentrators write an honors thesis, an original work in some aspect of ancient history.