Outdoor Tent Reservation Information

Robinson Outdoor Tent Guidelines for Fall 2022

• The outdoor tent is available to History department staff, faculty, and graduate students. To reserve the tent, please send an email to History@fas.harvard.edu to make the request. If you plan to have food and drink served and will need a trash barrel, please include this detail in your request. Note: priority will be given for departmental events and may supersede prior bookings.

• Meetings held in the tent should be limited to group meetings only. Course meetings, including sections, are not permitted.

• There is no power supply, no heat, and AV is not supported. There is a battery-operated lantern in each corner that may be turned on if lighting is needed. If you find that the batteries need replacing, please notify Michelle Cicerano at mcicerano@fas.harvard.edu.

• Time Limit: During business hours, please limit meetings in the tent to 90 minutes. There is no buffer time between meetings, so please end your meeting promptly as scheduled to allow the next group into the tent.

• Recurring meetings are not permitted, but occasional class lunches and office hours may be allowed depending on availability.

• Food and beverages are allowed. Please remove any trash when you leave.

• Please keep in mind that if there is severe weather, the space may not be optimal, and you may wish to consider a backup plan.

*Note: this is a pilot program and guidelines may change if necessary to ensure equitable access to the space.