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Caroline Kahlenberg

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Caroline Kahlenberg is a PhD Candidate in History and Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Her teaching and research interests focus on three areas: 1) the history of Palestine and Israel; 2) the history of Jews in the Eastern Mediterranean; 3) gender and sexuality studies. 

Kahlenberg’s current dissertation project explores how the categories of “Jewish” and “Arab” emerged as embodied identities in early twentieth-century Palestine. The research engages with questions about settler colonialism and the racialization of clothing, sounds, age, and sexuality.  

Kahlenberg’s work has been supported by the Posen Foundation, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. 

Kahlenberg is the History Prize Instructor for an undergraduate seminar at Harvard titled “Arabs, Jews, and ‘Arab Jews’ in the Modern Middle East" (Spring 2021).

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