Jonas Ruegg (HEAL)

Jonas Ruegg (HEAL)

Ph.D. Candidate in HEAL/Japan

Jonas Rüegg is a PhD student in History and East Asian Languages, working on Early Modern Japanese History. He graduated from the University of Zurich before gaining his master’s degree in Regional Studies – East Asia at Harvard. Jonas is currently working on the colonization of the Ogasawara islands in the 1860s, exploring the change in Japan’s perceptions of ethnicity and environment as the Tokugawa state developed ambitions to expand into the Pacific. His further interests include book history, early modern Sino-Japanese contacts, history of science and 19th century orientalism.


"Mapping the Forgotten Colony: The Ogasawara Islands and the Tokugawa Pivot to the Pacific” in: Cross-Currents 3/2017, pp. 108-157.

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