Stuart Schrader

Stuart Schrader

Fellow, Charles Warren Center, Harvard University
Lecturer on History, Fall 2016
Stuart Schrader

I am a historian of the United States in the World, with specializations in urban, foreign-relations, and intellectual history. I received my PhD in American Studies from NYU. My book project, American Streets, Foreign Territory: How Counterinsurgent Police Waged War on Crime, argues that projections of US power and expertise in the third world to reform and modernize other countries' police forces reverberated domestically to shape the war on crime and the rise of the carceral state. During Spring 2016, I will teach a course entitled The History of Policing in the United States, which will examine the what, how, and why of the police in US social and political life.

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Charles Warren Center
Harvard University
Emerson Hall, Room 413
Cambridge, MA 02138

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