2013-14 Cross-listed courses

Cross-listed Courses in History, 2013-14

African and African American Studies 11. Introduction to African Studies
African and African American Studies 118. The History of African Americans From the Slave Trade to the Great Migration

African and African American Studies 139y. Hollywood and History: Understanding American Slavery Through Film - (New Course)
African and African American Studies 216. Mau Mau on Trial: History, Law and the High Court of Justice - (New Course)
African and African American Studies 217. Graduate Seminar: Themes in Modern African History - (New Course) American Studies 201 (formerly *American Civilization 201). Themes in American Studies
Anthropology 2725. Anthropology and History - (New Course)
Chinese History 116. Culture and Society in Late Imperial China - (New Course)
Chinese History 210. Late Imperial Chinese Elite Reading Practices and Knowledge Acquisition (the 16th - 18th Centuries): Seminar - (New Course)
Chinese History 270b (formerly Chinese History 264b). Research Methods in Late Imperial Chinese History II: SeminarClassical Studies 222. Sicily - (New Course)
Culture and Belief 50. The European Postwar: Literature, Film, Politics

 Culture and Belief 51. Making the Middle Ages
Culture and Belief 59. Athens, Rome, and Us: Questions of Identity - (New Course)
Economics 1776. Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Economics 2339. Research in Economic History
Ethical Reasoning 12. Political Justice and Political Trials
History and Literature 90aj. America Through European Eyes

History and Literature 90an. God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance
History and Literature 90ap. American Prizefighting, 1801 to the Present
History and Literature 90av. Revolution and Reform in Britain and France, 1820-1880 - (New Course)
History and Literature 90aw. Life Narratives in Postcolonial Africa - (New Course)
History and Literature 90ay. 1968: Youth Protest in Europe - (New Course)

History and Literature 90bb. Whose American Revolution?: Political and Social Change in America, 1760-1790 - (New Course)
History of Science 180. Science, Technology, and Society in Modern East Asia
Japanese History 120. Religion and Society in Twentieth-Century Japan
Japanese History 260r. Topics in Japanese Cultural History
Japanese History 270. Early Modern Japanese History: Proseminar
Japanese History 271r (formerly Japanese History 271). Research in Early Modern Japanese History: Seminar
Jewish Studies 80. American Jews and the Television Age
Jewish Studies 235r. Historical Consciousness and the Jewish Historical Imagination - (New Course)             

Korean History 115. Korean History Through Film
Korean 300. Reading and Research
Korean History 230r. Readings in Premodern Korean History
Korean History 253. Modern Korean History: Proseminar
Korean History 260r. Readings in Modern Korean History
Korean History 261. Readings in Modern Korean History II
Medieval Studies 202. Latin Palaeography and Manuscript Culture: Seminar
Eastern Civilizations 100). Approaches to Middle Eastern Studies

Religion 1518. American Religious History to 1865 - (New Course)
Religion 2464. Radical Religion in England and America, 1560-1750: Seminar
Societies of the World 12 (formerly Historical Study A-13). China
Societies of the World 13 (formerly Historical Study A-14). Japan in Asia and the World
Societies of the World 15 (formerly Historical Study B-64). The Cuban Revolution, 1956-1971: A   Self-Debate
Societies of the World 18. Europe Since the Second World War
Societies of the World 19. Western Ascendancy: The Mainsprings of Global Power from 1400 to the Present
Societies of the World 22. Asia in the Making of the Modern World
Societies of the World 30. Moctezuma’s Mexico: Then and Now (2012)!
Societies of the World 36 (formerly Historical Study A-16). Modern India and South Asia
Societies of the World 43 (formerly Historical Study B-67). Japan’s Samurai Revolution
Societies of the World 45 (formerly Chinese History 118). Beyond the Great Wall: China and the Nomadic Frontier
Societies of the World 49. The Worlds of Business in Modern China
Societies of the World 52 (formerly Slavic 144). The Phoenix and the Firebird: Russia in Global Perspective - (New Course)
Societies of the World 53. The Fall of the Roman Empire
Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1220. Harem Fictions: From Montesquieue to Mernissi
Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1258. Friends with Benefits?
Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1440. Mommy Wars: Race, Class, and the Politics of   Motherhood - (New Course)
Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1442. Well Behaved Women - (New Course)
United States in the World 28 (formerly Historical Study B-43). Slavery/Capitalism/Imperialism: The US in the Nineteenth Century
United States in the World 30. Tangible Things: Harvard Collections in World History
United States in the World 39. History of American Democracy
United States in the World 40:  New World Orders? From the Cold War to Contemporary International Relations
United States in the World 41 (formerly History 1495). Power and Protest: The United States in the World of the 1960s