If you need a meeting time or location for a class, check If you still have a question, call The History Department main line at 617-495-2556.

NOTE: The History Department only has course locations for HISTORY classes. If your course is cross-listed, consult the original department.

In this section you will find courses currently scheduled for the 2015-2016 academic year. Note that this list is subject to change.

Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Generally, course numbers indicate the following:

  • 70-, 80-, 90-, and 1000-level: undergraduate (view profiles of our undergraduate courses)
  • 2000-level: both undergraduate and graduate (view profiles of our graduate level courses)
  • 3000-level: graduate research

For a full list of History courses offered now and possibly in the future, see the FAS Registrar's Office.

Course Selection Tool 
The Course Selection Tool allows students to search for desired courses based on a variety of criteria and also to view a schedule of possible courses and activities for the current academic year. Students can view recent Q scores through this application and directly link to course websites. In addition, this tool is used to help build the electronic Study Card. A valid Harvard ID number and PIN are needed to use the Course Selection Tool.  To access the Course Selection Tool, go to and select the Courses tab.