About the Department

Offering programs of study for undergraduate and graduate students, the Department of History at Harvard University is home to a vibrant and dynamic community of scholars.

Undergraduates can choose History as their primary concentration or secondary field as they work toward the AB degree. They may also choose to participate in one of three joint concentration programs: the Joint Concentration in Ancient History (Greek and Roman), the Joint Concentration in East Asian History, and the Joint Concentration in Near Eastern History. Our alumni pursue a wide range of career paths, including business, education, law, and public policy. At any given time, the Department has approximately 150-200 undergraduate concentrators.

Our highly selective Graduate Program trains students to become both skilled scholars and effective teachers. Students work closely with faculty as they engage in coursework, prepare for and take their general exams, work as teaching fellows, and complete their dissertations. Our graduates go on to a variety of successful careers in a range of fields, including academia, law, and government. At any given time, the Department has approximately 100-130 graduate students.  

The Department has over 50 faculty members with a wide range of research specialties, spanning chronologically from ancient to twentieth century history, geographically from Asia to the United States, and thematically from intellectual history to global and transnational history. Their world-class scholarship garners awards, fellowships, and acclaim, strengthening the recognition of our department as a powerhouse of historical scholarship. Many of our faculty members share appointments with other departments and schools on campus and are involved in interdisciplinary collaborations with committees, programs, and institutions both at Harvard and around the world.