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History is the study of the past. It encompasses every dimension of human interaction, including social life, the economy, culture, thought, and politics. Students of history study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from every imaginable perspective—employing all the techniques of the humanities and social sciences to raise questions and probe for answers. There is no concentration more diverse than History and none more individualistic. One can choose to study any part of the world in any epoch. History is as long ago as the most ancient civilizations or as current as yesterday's newspaper. Every moment but the present moment is part of the past and each can be the object of historical study. If you are interested in exploring the History Department but are unsure where to begin, we encourage you to explore our series of Foundations Courses or to set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies.

This section of the History Department website is full of resources to assist you with your study of History.  It features detailed information on the Department’s course offerings, info for pre- concentrators; funding for summer senior thesis researchTempus, the History Undergraduate Journal; research and employment opportunities;  and office hours sign-up for the DUS, ADUS, and the Dept. Writing Fellow. Please also consult our page for history thesis writers, which includes resources such as the syllabus for the thesis tutorial, information about grants for research, and also sample prize-winning theses. 

From our Students:

"I have truly had a spectacular experience as a history concentrator at Harvard and am very proud to brag about my department to anyone who will listen!” 
Arjun, ’17 

 "So many of my best college memories are related to the History Department”
Sama, '17 


"The History department genuinely has been one of the best parts of my experience at Harvard... History has prepared me well for life after college..."
Olivia, ‘17