Fall Courses

If you need a meeting time or location for a class, check my.harvard.edu. If you still have a question, call The History Department main line at 617-495-2556.

NOTE: The History Department only has course locations for HISTORY classes. If your course is cross-listed, consult the original department.


General Education Courses (These courses count for History credit)

Freshman Seminars

Undergraduate Seminars (12, 13, 14, 15, 70 and 80-level courses)

Directed Study for Undergraduates

Tutorials (Hist 97 and 99)

Lecture Courses (1000-1899-level courses)

Conference Courses (1900-1999-level courses for Undergraduates and Graduates)

Graduate Proseminars (2000-level courses)

Graduate Seminars (2000 and 3900-level courses)

Teaching Practicum (3920A, 3940)