Tempus: Undergraduate History Journal

The Spring 2021 issue of Tempus has been published! You can view it here!

Tempus: The Harvard College History Review is the Department's undergraduate journal. Tempus was founded by a pair of undergraduates in 1998 as a forum for undergraduates to publish original historical scholarship and through which all students have the opportunity to learn from their peers. Tempus also sponsors history events for undergraduates and aims to promote an undergraduate community within the Department. In the spring of 2009, Tempus became an online publication.

Any Harvard undergraduate can submit a history paper to the Editorial Staff for consideration; essays are generally research papers but short analytic essays will also be considered. Most submissions are papers first prepared for Harvard classes. Book reviews are usually written by staff members, but submissions are also welcome. For a full list of submission criteria, see the website.

To submit a paper, please email it in .doc format to:  tempus.harvard@gmail.com