Joint Concentrations

The History Department allows students to pursue joint concentrations with five Departments according to pre-approved joints and will consider other joint concentrations by special petition when a historical approach can be readily integrated with the other discipline..

The Department offers these  pre-approved joint honors concentrations:

Joint concentrations are all honors concentrations and require a senior thesis which integrates both concentrations in the joint. The thesis will be evaluated by readers in both departments and is often advised by instructors in both concentrations.  

In lieu of joint concentrations with departments with methodological approaches that differ substantially from History, such as Government or Economics, we encourage students interested in these combinations to pursue Secondary Fields in those subjects (or a secondary in History with a primary concentration in the other field). The Department also cross-lists many courses from other departments, which concentrators can take to fulfill their electives.  For a list of cross-listed courses in History please visit: