History Lab

 History Lab is a course that offers students a chance to spend a semester working with History faculty on a research project. During the first week of the semester, all students participating in individual History Lab tutorials meet for a general overview of methods and techniques of historical research, with an emphasis on digital history, in preparation for the work on their respective projects. Afterwards, students will meet regularly with their faculty project leaders and, occasionally during the semester in joint sessions to present ongoing research and to assist other students with their projects.

 Within the general project, students select a topic and dataset to pursue as their own research and are assessed on the basis of their final results which may take the form of presentations, online exhibitions, posters presented at poster sessions, and/or papers.

 By using the classroom as a space for the production of living knowledge, History Lab blurs the line between teaching and research, encouraging student involvement in the design as well as the execution of projects.

 (For History concentrators and those with a secondary field in History the course counts for elective credit, but we also welcome undeclared freshmen and sophomores as well as concentrators from all disciplines.)