Call for Papers from Other Universities

The Harper Review, University of Chicago, Spring 2023

Berkeley Undergraduate History Journal, Spring 2023

Columbia Journal of History (CJH), Spring 2023

Amherst College Undergraduate Law Review (ACLR), Spring 2023.

The Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ), Spring 2023 

Penn Undergraduate Law Journal,  Spring 2023

Washington University Gateway History Journal, Spring 2023

The Harper Review, Fall 2022

Vanderbilt Historical Review, Fall 2022

Hemispheres: The Tufts University Journal of International Affairs, Fall 2022

Swarthmore Undergraduate History Journal, Fall 2022

Brown Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (JPPE), Fall 2022

Yale Historical Review, Fall 2022

Historia Nova, Duke's Undergraduate Historical Review,  Fall 2022 

Columbia Journal of Asia, Fall 2022

Columbia Journal of History (CJH), Fall 2022

Penn History Review, Fall 2022

Cornell International Affairs Review, Fall 2022

Memento, Dartmouth Journal of the Critical Humanities, Fall 2022

Eleven: The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, a University of California, Berkeley

The Tri-Co Law Review

The Berkeley Undergraduate History Journal, Spring 2022

James Blair Historical Review, Spring 2022

Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, Spring 2022

Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, Spring 2022

Gateway History Journal at Washington University, St. Louis, Spring 2021

ARCHIVE  Journal of History at UW-Madison, Spring 2021

The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review, Spring 2021

Georgetown University Undergraduate Law Review, Fall 2020

Cornell Undergraduate History Journal, Fall 2020

Virginia Journal of Gender Studies, Fall 2020