Media and Design Fellow


Eric Nemarich, 2020-2021 Media and Design Fellow

Affiliated with the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, the Media and Design Fellow (MDF) is a resource for all History faculty and graduate students seeking to incorporate digital tools and techniques into their teaching and scholarship. You can read more about the Bok Center’s MDF program here.

My areas of interest
As a social and legal historian, I am particularly drawn to digital tools that encourage students to think creatively about how historical evidence can shed light on everyday practices and patterns of thought. Over the course of the year, check the “Resources” page for my thoughts on digital tools that I have found useful in my own research (database design, mapping, and network analysis) and ideas about how you can bring these methods into the classroom. I am happy, of course, to offer consultations about all manner of digital tools and techniques!

Spring courses
Instructors interested in developing or redesigning courses for the spring semester are encouraged to schedule a consultation with me. As the MDF is a year-long appointment, I am happy to provide instructors with ongoing support for projects developed in the fall.

Scheduling a consultation

I am available for half-hour consultations over Zoom every Thursday and Friday from 3-5pm. You may sign up for a consultation here. After you have booked your time, please also fill out this brief form to confirm your consultation. I will email you a scheduled Zoom link upon confirmation.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at!