Departmental Writing Fellow

Patrick Meehan, 2018-2019 Departmental Writing Fellow

The Departmental Writing Fellow is a resource for all undergraduates enrolled in History Department courses (including Core/Gen Ed courses taught by History Dept. Faculty) who would like help with their writing. Whether you need help starting a paper, formulating an argument, editing a draft, or figuring out the conventions of history writing, the DWF can help.

I hold office hours on Tuesday afternoons in Robinson Hall L22 (basement office). You can view available times, and sign up for an appointment, using this link: AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS. I will add more appointment slots at times of high demand, but do be proactive in order to assure yourself a slot. If you are unable to attend an appointment at one of the available times, feel free to email me; depending on my availability that week, I may be able to meet with you at a different time.
Instructions for students
I am happy to meet with you at any stage in the writing process! Please sign up for an appointment, and be sure to bring a copy of the assignment prompt with you. You can send me brainstorming materials or an outline in advance, but you don’t have to.
Special instructions for students who wish to go over a draft
In addition to your assignment prompt, I also ask you to please email me your draft (it does not have to be 100% complete!) by 9am on the day of your appointment. Your draft should include a short “cover letter” on the first page, with the following elements:
A one-sentence paraphrase of the question you are answering
A one- or two-sentence paraphrase of your argument’s thesis (i.e. your answer to the question)
A short (2-3 sentences) consideration of how others might respond to your argument
A short reflection of where you feel you are in the draft process and what you feel needs the most work
The cover letter will help me understand where you are in the draft process so that I am better equipped to help! It will also help you clarify your own progress and goals as you revise.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at!


Patrick Meehan