House Advisors

History House Advisors

Each History concentrator is assigned to a History House Adviser, who is a Resident or Non-Resident Tutor affiliated with the concentrator’s house.

The House Advisor is important for many reasons:

  • Shopping Week: discuss your broader interests and goals in your concentration

  • Gain insights on courses that may not appear in the CUE guide or in the Courses of Instruction

  • Discuss general program requirements

  • An intellectual resource for concentrators

  • Juniors trying to find a thesis adviser should consult with their House Adviser to discuss their thesis plans and to receive recommendations regarding which faculty and graduate students to contact as potential advisers.

  • Consultations whenever you are considering making a petition or proposing a joint concentration.

  • House Advisors promote a History community within the residential setting, so we urge you to participate in the events they organize.

  • Undergraduates affiliated with Dudley House should consider the Asst. DUS, as the equivalent of their House Advisor.