Degree Withdrawal & Readmission

(See also: Student Progress)

Withdrawal from the Program

Students contemplating withdrawal from the program should speak first with their academic advisors and other readers about such plans. Following these discussions, the Graduate Coordinator can provide the appropriate form to fill out and send to GSAS. It constitutes the formal notification to the School of withdrawal. For more information, visit the GSAS web site.

Readmission for Degree

A candidate who no longer has student status at the University may continue to work on the dissertation, sending complete drafts to the readers for their review. Once the committee has read and agreed that the complete dissertation would be ready for submission, the candidate would apply for readmission to GSAS. The candidate would submit the readmission application along with letters from the dissertation committee, primarily the advisor, stating that they have read and approved the complete dissertation. The Department Chair would review the materials and, once approved, the candidate immediately would apply for the degree and submit the dissertation under normal procedures. Readmission for degree forms may be downloaded at the GSAS web site.