Colloquium for Int Hist: Arendt Lecture Series : "Hannah Arendt: Thought Defying Evil"


Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 5:00pm


Adolphus Busch Hall, Lower Level Conference Room
In 1946 Hannah Arendt and Karl Jaspers corresponded about the nature of evil and German guilt. The seeds of Arendt’s thinking about evil can be traced back to their exchange. Bernstein critically examines Arendt’s understanding of radical evil in The Origins of Totalitarianism and its relation the banality of evil in Eichmann in Jerusalem.He also relates Arendt discussion of evil to Primo Levi’s reflections on evil.
Richard Bernstein Vera List Professor of Philosophy , New School for Social Research
Contact: Professor Peter Gordon,
Richard J. Bernstein (New School), "Hannah Arendt: Thought Defying Evil". (Poster)