BC: PANEL: Four Centuries of Jesuit History in China | Menegon | Afinogenov | Pieragastini


Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 2:30pm to 4:00pm


Boston College, Chestnut Hill Campus Stokes Hall North, Room N203, Chestnut Hill, MA


This event is co-sponsored by the Boston College Asian Studies Program

This panel presents new editions from the Institute of Jesuit Sources and other recent work on the deep engagement of the Jesuits with China, from the early modern to the modern period. Come to learn about late Ming philosophical debates, daily life in Qing Beijing, and church-state relations in modern Shanghai!



Eugenio Menegon  (Boston University & IAJS-Boston College), “Matteo Ricci SJ’s Dialogue with Chinese Scholars: 'The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven' (1603)," an introduction to the new revised English edition of the Jesuit Matteo Ricci’s Chinese dialogue with Confucian scholars (Institute of Jesuit Sources, Boston College).

Greg Afinogenov (Harvard University), "A Russian View on the Jesuits in Beijing (1740s)," a presentation of Afinogenov's new translation of Notes on the Jesuits in China (Institute of Jesuit Sources, Boston College), a text by an Orthodox priest that provides a rare outside source on the life of the eighteenth-century Jesuit mission in Beijing. 

Steven Pieragastini (Brandeis University), "Between Empires: The Jesuits in Modern Shanghai  (1842-1957)," a discussion of the speaker's recent dissertation on the Jesuit mission in the region of Shanghai (Jiangnan),  and its relations with a succession of Chinese and foreign governments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

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