CES: Partisan Impacts on Social Policy and Distributive Outcomes in the Eras of Welfare State Expansion and Retrenchment


Friday, October 24, 2014, 2:15pm to 4:00pm


Center for European Studies, Cabot Room, Busch Hall

Speaker(s): John Stephens, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of North Carolina; Discussant: Jason Beckfield, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

Sponsor(s):  Seminar on the State and Capitalism since 1800

There is no presentation and the paper should be read in advance. It is posted at least a week ahead of each seminar under the listing for it on the CES website: www.ces.fas.harvard.edu

Contact(s): Torben Iversen, iversen@fas.harvard.edu; Suzanne Berger, szberger@mit.edu; Kate Searle, ksearle@mit.edu