CMES: Krikor Beledian's dazzling journey from medieval mystical poets to postmodern fiction


Thursday, November 16, 2017, 5:00pm to 6:30pm


CMES, Rm 102, 38 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA

The CMES Director's Series presents

K. Beledian. Credit: Editions Parenthèses.

Hagop Koulojian
Lecturer, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, UCLA

Dr. Kouloujian is a lecturer in Near Eastern Languages & Cultures at UCLA. His research focuses on the poetry of Nigoghos Sarafian: liminality, diasporic identity, virtual spatiality; a poststructural rereading of medieval mystical poetry; and languages without a country: language vitality programs and their replicability. Selected publications include: “Entering Outside or Towards a Self-Denying Reception: Writer, Contemporary Community, Language,” in Krikor Beledian et la littérature arménienne contemporaine (Paris: Forthcoming); “Compartmentalization in Heritage Language: Observations in the Armenian Diaspora,” in Innovation in Education: Challenges of Teaching Western Armenian in the 21st Century (Paris: Forthcoming); “Historical Narrrative in the Nineteenth Century Armenian Literature,” in The Heritage of Armenian Literature: Vol. III – From the Eighteenth Century to Modern Times, Agop Hacikyan et al, ed.s (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2005), 80-102; “On Armenian Parallels to Beowulf,” Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies Vol. 16 (2007), 76-87; “Exposure of the Armenian Genocide in Cyberspace: A Comparative Analysis,” in The Armenian Genocide: Cultural and Ethical Legacies, Richard Hovannisian, ed. (New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2007), 245-266; “Word as Sacrifice in Grigor Narekac‘i’s Matean Ołbergut‘ean,” Bazmavep, vol. CLXII, 1-4 (2005), 92-120 [in Armenian]; and “Network Communication, Culture, and Diaspora,” Haigazian Armenological Review 19 (1999), 367-392 [in Armenian].

Contact: Liz Flanagan