Fairbank Center: New Research Findings on The Great Leap Forward Famine: Understanding Mao's Great Famine through the Voices of Survivors in Anhui Province


Thursday, April 14, 2016, 12:00pm to 2:00pm


Room S050 | CGIS South Building | 1730 Cambridge Street | Cambridge, MA

Presentations Include:

Professor Ralph A. Thaxton, Jr., Politics Department, Brandeis University — "Brief Reflections on The History and Politics of the Great Leap Forward Famine:  Understanding the Present through the Past"

Professor Sun Feiyu, Sociology Department, Beijing University — "The Tragedy of Mao's Revolution— The Chinese Communist Party's Destruction of the Traditional Rural Elite: Implications for the Quest for Good Governance in the PRC"

Liu Shigu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, History and Cultural Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong — "Hidden Responses to Bad Local Governance in the Great Leap Episode: The Formation of a China Peasants' Party in Wuwei County after the Great Famine"

Professor Lu Huilin, Sociology Department, Beijing University — "Cadre Behavior and the Reception of State Policy in the Great Leap Forward, Cadre Behavior and the Reception of State Policy in the Contemporary Period"