Radcliffe: #metoo: Truths and Consequences


Monday, February 26, 2018, 7:00pm


Knafel Center, 10 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA

A Schlesinger Library 75th Anniversary Event


iMAGECoined in 2007 by activist Tarana Burke, the hashtag #metoo became in late 2017 a global media tsunami. As what some scholars are calling the “first wave” of the #metoo movement crests, Harvard faculty experts explore its causes and project its consequences, intended and unintended. Panelists and the audience will wrestle with hard questions: Is #metoo radical or reactionary, a watershed or merely a flood? How can employers, campuses, and courts most fully and fairly respond to the court of public opinion? Reflecting on #metoo from the vantage points of history, African American studies, economics, and law, the speakers bring decades of patient scholarship to an issue moving with viral speed. This event seeks to deepen difficult interdisciplinary and intergenerational conversation around a topic that often generates more heat than light.


  • Jeannie Suk Gersen, John H. Watson, Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
  • Evelynn Hammonds, Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science, professor of African and African American studies, and chair of the Department of the History of Science, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • David Laibson, Robert I. Goldman Professor of Economics and chairman of the Department of Economics, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Jill Lepore, David Woods Kemper '41 Professor of American History and Harvard College Professor, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and staff writer, the New Yorker
  • Moderated by Ann Marie Lipinski, curator, Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University

Free and open to the public. This event will not be recorded or streamed.

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