Romance Languages: "Messengers of Hatred: The (Ir)resistible Rise of the Far Right in France and Europe" | Varikas & Lowy


Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Barker Center, Kresge Room 114, 12 Quincy Street

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Professors Eleni Varikas and Michael Lowy, visiting Boston from Paris this spring, will lead a discussion at Harvard entitled:

"Messengers of Hatred: The (Ir)resistible Rise of the Far Right in France and Europe. "

Reception before the seminar: 5-5:30.

Professor Eleni Varikas is Professeure des universities en science politique emerita, Paris VIII. She is an interdisciplinary scholar who works on issues of political and cultural exclusion. I first discovered her work via her 2007 book, Les Rebuts du monde and she has continued to work on “tou-te-s les exclu-e-s” de la Republique” –-“tsiganes, Juifs, femmes, esclaves, Noir-e-s”.   She is the author of seven books and countless articles addressing the political, cultural, historical impacts of globalization and neo-liberal economic politics on European and Western ethical values and imagination, with a special focus on feminist theory--e.g, Les femmes, de Platon a Derrida, Plon, 2000, Penser le sexe et le genre, PUF, 2006, etc.

Professor Michael Lowy is a French-Brazilian Marxist sociologist and philosopher, the Emeritus Research Director in Social Sciences at the CNRS and he lectures at EHESS, Paris. He is the author of some 20 books, some 200 articles, translated in 28 languages. I first became aware of his work via his newest work on ecosocialism—e.g. his Ecosocialist Manifesto and also his books on Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin.