2021-2022 Undergraduate Prizes

May 11, 2022
Robinson Hall

Department of History Prizes

Colton Award
Alan Dai, “‘A World Without Frontiers’: Reflections On The Origin And Spread Of Cosmopolitan Nationalisms In East Asia, 1886-1920.”

David Herbert Donald Prize
Alec Fischthal, “A Nation of Strangers: Anti-Communism, Anti-Discrimination and the Politics of Immigration Reform, 1952-1965.”

Department of History Prize
Alec Fischthal

Department of History Undergraduate Essay Prize
Charlotte Johnstone, “Too Mani Ascetic Religions! The Impact of Manichaeism on Asceticism in the 4th Century Roman Empire.”

Franklin and Eleanor Ford Prize
Zelin Liu, “‘Inter Exempla Erit’: Germania In Tacitus And Its Use By Early German Humanists”

Lillian Bell Prize in History
Kenneth Taylor Whitsell, “Shielding Justice: National War Crimes Prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Philip Washburn Prize
Courtney DeLong, “Nourishing Community: Culinary Traditions’ role in Shaping Localized Black Identities in St. James Parish, Louisiana”
Jasper Schoff, “Le Bon Goût Musical: Printers, Paratexts, And Politesse In Early Modern Paris, 1532 – 1598.”

William Scott Ferguson Prize
Uday Schultz, “Containers and Consumers: Deindustrialization, Gentrification and Urban Change in Red Hook.”

Cynthia Wight Rossano Prize in Harvard History
Katherine Enright, "Life and Death in Harvard's Natural History Collections"
Kendrick Foster, “‘Whatever the Form, Let Us Have It’: The Harvard Political Review in the Pre-Internet Era, 1969-1996.”

University Prizes

Department of the Classics Prize in Ancient History
Zelin Liu, “Inter exempla erit: Germania in Tacitus and Its Use by Early German Humanists.”

Department of the Classics Prizes
Zelin Liu, class of 2022.

Captain Jonathan Fay Prize 
Zelin Liu, "Inter exempla erit: Germania in Tacitus and Its Use by Early German Humanists.”

James R. and Isabel D. Hammond Prize
Kendrick Foster, “Four-Cornered Statecraft: The United States, Mexico, and Native Americans in Texian Diplomacy, 1836–1845.”

Newbold Rhinelander Landon Memorial Scholarship Prize 
Joseph Patrick Kester, class of 2023 and Zelin Liu, class of 2022.

Lowell House Franklin Ford Award
Camden Michael Archambeau, class of 2023.

Sally and Cresap Moore Prize 
Noah Secondo, Class of 2022.

Elliott and Mary Perkins Prize 
William Michael Sutton, class of 2023.

Harry and Cecile Starr Prize in Jewish Studies
Jonathan Katzman“A Dependent ‘Special Relationship’: Jewish American Economists and the Liberalization of the Israeli Economy.”

Selma and Lewis H. Weinstein Prize in Jewish Studies 
Hannah Mae Miller, “Let My People Go! The Movement for Soviet Jewish Emigration’s Impact on U.S. Human Rights Policies, 1963–1975.”

Jane Coolidge and Walter Muir Whitehill Prize 
Tobias August Abrams Benn, class of 2024.

Thomas Wood Award in Journalism 
Oliver Leo Riskin-Kutz, class of 2023.

Judge Charles Wyzanski Prize 
Chinaza Katherine Asiegbu, class of 2022

Hoopes Prizes

David Brannon for his project entitled “George Fitzhugh and the End of Southern Order”—supervised and nominated by Professor Drew Faust

Alan Dai for his project entitled “‘A World without Frontiers’: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Cosmopolitan Nationalisms in East Asia, 1886–1920”—supervised and nominated by Professor Michael Szonyi

Alec Fischthal for his project entitled “A Nation of Strangers: Anti-Communism, Anti-Discrimination, and the Politics of Immigration Reform, 1952–1965”—supervised and nominated by Dr. Aaron Bekemeyer

Jonathan Katzman for his project entitled “A Dependent ‘Special Relationship’: Jewish American Economists and the Liberalization of the Israeli Economy”—supervised and nominated by Professor Derek Penslar

Zelin Liu for his project entitled “Inter exempla erit: Germania in Tacitus and Its Use by Early German Humanists”—supervised and nominated by Professor Ann Blair and Professor Richard Thomas

Samuel Murray for his project entitled “Roadblocks: Politics, Protests, and Planning in Boston’s Highway Debates, 1950–1973”—supervised and nominated by Mr. Jacob Anbinder

Todd Qiu for his project entitled “Cowards, Brothers, Slaves: American Perceptions of Allies and Adversaries during the Korean War”—supervised and nominated by Ms. Ruodi Duan

Jasper Schoff for his project entitled “Le Bon Goût Musical: Printers, Paratexts, and Politesse in Early Modern Paris, 1532–1598”—supervised and nominated by Professor David Armitage and Professor Alexander Rehding

Ema Schumer for her project entitled “The Boston Police Strike of 1919: The Rise and Fall of Left-Wing Police Unionism in Interwar America”—supervised and nominated by Ms. Samantha Payne

Noah Secondo for his project entitled “Just Sojourners? Traveling Artists, Civil Rights Activism, and U.S. National Security”—supervised and nominated by Professor Daniel Aguirre Oteiza and Professor Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham