Air Pollution: Trans-disciplinary research by Department SoHP-CCI postdoc Alex More featured by Popular Science, Smithsonian Magazine, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, and other news media

September 28, 2017
Alex More

Have humans had a effect on air quality? For how long? It may be for longer than you could imagine. Current research, a collaboration between the Initiative for the Science of the Human Past (SoHP) and the Climate Change Institute (CCI) at UMaine and based on work done by SoHP-CCI post-doc Alex More, emphasizes the implications of their research for current public health.

"A 14th-century plague helped reveal just how long humans have polluted the planet", Popular Science.

"We've been poisoning ourselves for the last 2000 years," The Guardian.

"Humans Polluted the Air Much Earlier than Previously Thought," Smithsonian Magazine.

"Europe's Lead Pollution Dropped to Zero Only Once in the Last 2000 Years: And All it Took Was the Black Death," Atlas Obscura.

"Human Activity Has Polluted European Air for 2000 Years," Eos (American Geophysical Union).

"Humans are to blame for lead pollution: Study of glacial ice reveals the toxin was not present in the air when industry was brought to a standstill by the Black Death," Daily Mail.

"Die Bleizeit," [The Age of Lead] Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"Die größte Wirtschaftskatastrophe der Geschichte," Der Spiegel.

"Die Sünden der Alten," Frankfurter Allgemein.

"Le plomb: une pollution ancienne," Journal de l'Environnement.

"Bleigehalt: Nur die Pest sorgte für saubere Luft," Der Standard.

And last but not least, Buzzfeed: