Undergraduate Prizes and Awards

May 20, 2020
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History Department Prizes:

COLTON AWARD (for excellence in the preparation of a senior thesis in the Department of History) awarded to Ariella Kahan for her thesis: “Friends or Foes? Palestinian Arabs in the Eyes of American Women Zionists, 1929-1948.”

CYNTHIA WIGHT ROSSANO PRIZE IN HARVARD HISTORY* (for the best essay or multimedia presentation on any aspect of Harvard history) awarded to Joseph Minatel for his History 97I paper: “William Clarence Matthews and Harvard Baseball’s Southern Visits, 1902-1905.”

DAVID HERBERT DONALD PRIZE (for excellence in American history) awarded to Charlotte Watts.

DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY PRIZE (for the best total record as history concentrator by the end of the senior year) awarded to Sophia DiCara and Julia Schroeder.

FERGUSON PRIZE* (for best History 97 essay) awarded to Elizabeth McCord for her History 97H paper: “The Failures of Urban Redevelopment: Comparing Government and Community Approaches to Urban Renewal in Manhattan Valley, 1952-1980.”

LILLIAN BELL PRIZE (for student with the best paper on the Holocaust or other major 20th-century event involving human tragedy) awarded to Jackson Grigsby for his thesis: “Re-Examining Resistance And Revolt At Sobibór” and to Julie Ngauv for her thesis: “Roots Of Resistance: How The People Of Cambodia Survived Genocide Through Hidden Acts Of Rebellion, 1975-1979.”

PHILIP WASHBURN PRIZE (for best thesis on historical subject) awarded to Carter Wilcox for his thesis: “Big Data, Brooches, And Boudica: Using Computational Methods To Reveal New Historical Puzzles 600 BC – 410 AD.”

UNDERGRADUATE ESSAY PRIZE* (for the best work of original historical scholarship produced before the senior year in a history department course) awarded to Robert Lowe for his History 83C paper: “Socrates In This Way Became Perfect: The Power of Example in the Ethics of Mencius and Epictetus.”

*The Ferguson Prize, the Undergraduate Essay Prize, and the Cynthia Wight Rossano Prize in Harvard History will be awarded in the fall term for papers from the previous academic year. Thus, papers from the 2019-2020 academic year will be considered in the fall of 2020.


College-Wide Prizes:

SEYMOUR E. AND RUTH B. HARRIS PRIZE FOR HONORS THESIS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES awarded to Jackson Grigsby for his thesis: “Re-Examining Resistance And Revolt At Sobibór.”

Sophia Concetta DiCara for her project entitled “Locked in Bridgewater: Ethnic Tensions, Labor, and the Emergence of the Carceral State in Massachusetts, 1853–1933”—nominated by Mr. Aaron Bekemeyer

Jackson Mercer Grigsby for his project entitled “Re-Examining Resistance and Revolt at Sobibór”—nominated by Dr. Brandon Bloch

Ariella F. Kahan for her project entitled “Friends or Foes? Palestinian Arabs in the Eyes of American Women Zionists, 1929–1948”—nominated by Professor Derek Penslar

Julia Coburn Schroeder for her project entitled “Courting Chancery: The Politics of Petitioning in Fifteenth-Century England”—nominated by Mr. Eric Nemarich

Carter Jarrod Wilcox for his project entitled “Big Data, Brooches, and Boudica: Using Computational Methods to Reveal New Historical Puzzles”—nominated by Professor Michael McCormick