Ifeosa Nkem-Onyekpe

Ifeosa Nkem-Onyekpe

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A native of Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, Anwuli was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied History and Strategic Studies at University of Lagos, and got in for her PhD program at Harvard University in 2019. Her major research interest is rural economic history along with rural structures in African regions. She is attentive to the dynamics of rural change, rural-urban interactions and government policies on rural areas, and she is concerned about producing research work that will contribute towards improving the lives of rural communities. She is also interested in historiography.

Anwuli spends her time running her life-long project, Stories of Home (The Hope Community), which is concerned with finding, sharing and preserving real life stories of Africans that have experienced everything between pain or resilience and victory, with an arm (The Hope Bridge) that is focused on supporting children and members of rural communities through donations, outreaches and partnership. She does a lot of writing and storytelling on social and historical themes, making history into stories to make it more accessible to the non-university reader through the ease of storying, and Anwulika is Christian.

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