Julie Miller

Julie Miller

Julie  Miller

GRADUATION: March 2018

Julie was a PhD candidate at Harvard University puzzling over the past. Her dissertation was a history of the idea of a person in British North America and the new United States. It is a fascinating and very strange story. Make no mistake, the dead do return to us.

She entered Harvard after completing a BA at Vanderbilt and MPhil at Oxford. At the former, she met my mentor and friend, Colin Dayan, whose work continues to powerfully shape Julie's own. At the latter, Julie studied with Andrew Ashworth to write a thesis arguing that the defendant's dock is a rights issue. At both, she was delighted in reading and in work and learned that being an intellectual means being a student her whole life long. Here at Harvard, pursuing her research and writing on the historical questions that have been living inside my head for a very long time, Julie would be remiss not to confess that my lot is an undeservedly happy one. For teaching her how to find the past, and what to say about the discovery, Julie says she is in the mighty debt of my supervisor, Jill Lepore, and under that obligation to do something good with what Julie has found here, she will remain.

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