Patrice Higonnet

Patrice Higonnet

Robert Walton Goelet Research Professor of French History, Emeritus
Patrice Higonnet

Professor Higonnet has written on 17th-century French painting, 18th-century French diplomacy, 19th-century French deputies and immigrants, 20th-century municipal officers, and Vich.

 He is the chair of the study group on Culture and Politics.

Selected Publications

  • La gloire et l'echafaud: Vie et destin de l'architecte de Marie-Antoinette (2011)
  • Goodness Beyond Virtue: Jacobins during the French Revolution (1998)
  • Fortune co-edited with David Landes and Henry Rosovky (1991)
  • Sister Republics: the Origins of French and American Republicanism (1988)
  • Class, Ideology, and the Rights of Nobles during the French Revolution (1981)
  • Pont-de-Montvert: Social Structure and Politics in a French Village , 1700-1914 (1971)


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