Victoria Kim '07

Victoria Kim '07

Victoria Kim '07

Position: Reporter

Field: Journalism & Consulting

Graduated: 2007

My day-to-day work as a print journalist frequently takes unexpected turns. On any given day, I might find myself reading grainy, decades-old court papers preserved on microfilm, researching the history of a piece of sapphire in pre-World War II newspapers, or poring over a dissertation on First Amendment history. The classes I took in the History department prepared me for my career in ways that I could not have imagined at the time. The tutorials and classes on post-colonial societies taught me to read and digest primary materials on new and unfamiliar topics, and trained me to be able to view things from other people’s perspectives – both skills I've found to be invaluable in working as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. The lessons in writing clearly and concisely also prove useful, whether I am crafting breaking news articles, investigative stories or long-form narratives.

There is an oft-quoted axiom that journalism is the first draft of history. Having studied history as an undergraduate helps me appreciate the importance of writing that draft accurately and in a nuanced, thoughtful way. Whatever other surprises my career may have in store, I feel well prepared with the skill set I gained by concentrating in History.

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