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Tiya Miles

Michael Garvey Professor of History
Radcliffe Alumnae Professor

Office Hours:

Tiya Miles is the Michael Garvey Professor of History and Radcliffe Alumnae Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced...

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Robinson Hall 121
35 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

If you would like to reach Tiya Miles regarding journal article reviews, manuscript reviews, book blurbs, documentary film blurbs, book reviews, historic site consultations, personal/family research questions, or external programmatic reviews, you may use the following email account: tmilesasst@fas.harvard.edu.

If you would like to reach Tiya Miles for a speaking engagement outside of Harvard University, please contact Rolisa Tutwyler at CCMNT Speakers: rtutwyler@ccmntspeakers.com.

Ian J. Miller

Ian J. Miller

Professor of History
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Dean of Cabot House

Academic office hours:

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Center for Government and International Studies-South Building
Room S421
1730 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Faculty Assistant
Jenni Ting