Emily Claire Adams

Emily Claire Adams

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Claire Adams is a doctoral candidate in History with a secondary field in Archaeology, specializing in medieval northwestern Europe, monasticism, craft production and specialization. Her dissertation traces the development of monastic labor and craft production in the west from the 5th to 9th centuries through textual and archaeological sources as well as GIS analysis. For the past ten years, Claire has pursued her great academic passion, archaeological field work and excavation, in Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden. Most recently, she has participated in the excavations of the early medieval city of Reccopolis in Spain and the monastery of Little Carlton in England. While enhancing our understanding of the medieval world through scientific and archaeological analysis is her passion, she is also committed to providing innovative and inclusive teaching in medieval world history. She received her A.M. degree from Harvard University in 2017. Before beginning her graduate work at Harvard, Claire obtained her B.A. from Indiana University majoring in Anthropology, History, and Art History. She has received fellowships and awards from Indiana University, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, the Graduate Student Council at Harvard University, the American Society for Irish Medieval Studies, and the Belgian American Educational Foundation.

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