History & Economics

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Requires Application No No
Number of Required Courses: 10 half-courses (12 for honors) 11 half-courses (15 for honors) N.B. Two honors tracks*
Honors Optional; thesis required for honors Optional*
Joint Concentration Option: Yes (with EAS and NELC; possible with other language departments). Thesis Required No
Tutorials: Sophomore tutorial; two seminars; Senior (honors) Sophomore tutorial; other tutorials required for honors*
Languages Required: No No
Secondary Field: Yes (5 half-courses) Yes (6 half-courses)

*Economics offers two honors tracks: the Advanced Course Track (ACT) which involves extra coursework but no thesis and the Thesis Track which involves extra coursework as well as a thesis.  Both honors tracks generally require 15 courses, though this can be lower depending on your math preparation. 

Note that students can also test out of the math requirement for the Basic Track.