Secondary Field

The secondary field in History encourages students in other concentrations to learn about the practice of history and engage in it themselves through tutorials and other departmental courses. Students will undertake an individualized plan of study to develop a base of historical knowledge and the essential skills of the field. The historical perspective and tools acquired through the secondary field will give students a richer appreciation for everything they experience in the College and beyond. History informs our understanding of literature, art, politics, and the world around us. While exposing us to the variety of human behavior and achievement of the past, the study of history also provides insights for the analysis of current issues, including questions of what may be fleeting and what may be enduring.

The secondary field offers an opportunity to study a particular historical interest or to explore a range of eras, regions, and themes. Some students may prefer to structure their secondary field around a particular geographical region and/or time period, such as the colonial United States. Alternatively, some students may choose instead to examine a theme, such as religion, comparatively by choosing courses on that theme from a number of different geographical and/or temporal contexts.

Students should visit the History Undergraduate Office as soon as they decide to pursue a Secondary Field in History.

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