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2017 Apr 05
2017 Apr 05

DRCLAS Brazil Studies Program: Military dictatorship and political repression in Brazil in the 1960s and 1970s

2:00pm to 4:00pm


CGIS South, S-250, 1730 Cambridge Street

For more information, see the DRCLAS Website. 

Speaker: Mariana Joffily, Professor, Department of History, State University of Santa Catarina

Moderator: Sidney Chalhoub, Professor, Department of History, Harvard University

2017 Mar 31

DRCLAS Cuba Studies Program: The 'Liberal Moment' of the Revolution: Early Educational Reforms in Revolutionary Cuba

12:00pm to 2:00pm


CGIS South, S-216 (Resource Room), 1730 Cambridge Street


For more information, see the DRCLAS Website

Speaker: Rainer Schultz, PhD, Director of the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA), Cuba Divisional Center in Havana 

2017 Mar 30

DRCLAS: Brazil Studies Program: Ecology, Art and Politics in the 1970's in Brazil

12:00pm to 2:00pm


CGIS South, S-030, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA


For more information see the DRCLAS Website

Speaker:  Claudia Mattos Avolese, Associate Professor of History of Art, University of Campinas; DRCLAS Cisneros Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Moderator:  Frances Hagopian, Jorge Paulo Lemann Senior Lecturer on Government, Harvard University


2017 Mar 30

Warren Center: Undocumented Knowledge: Students, Borders, and the Politics of Sanctuary

4:00pm to 6:00pm


Emerson Hall 210, Reception from 6-7pm in the Robinson Hall Great Space



Prerna Lal (East Bay Community Law Center)
Lisa Lowe (Tufts University)
Keish Kim (Harvard American Studies graduate student)
Medhin Paolos (Asmarina Project, and Rete G2 Milano)
Maurice Stierl (University of California, Davis)
Lorgia Garcia Pena (Harvard University) – introductions and leading the discussion

2017 Mar 30

CMES: The Naksa Fifty Years Later: New Sources, Questions And Approaches To The ‘67 War - Workshop

Thu - Fri, Mar 30 to Mar 31, 4:00pm - 4:30pm


Williams James Hall, Lecture Hall B1, Lower Level, 33 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies presents a workshop

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the June 1967 War, this workshop seeks to explore new approaches to understand and rethink this pivotal and transformative moment in the history of the modern Middle East. At stake is the search for new sources that can shed light on the war and its long term repercussions for Arab societies.

2017 Apr 03

CES: Arabs and the Problem of the Color Line: Prince Faisal at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference

4:15pm to 6:00pm


Adolphus Busch Hall, Hoffmann Room, 27 Kirkland Street, Cambridge

Colonial Encounters and Divergent Development Trajectories in the Mediterranean Study Group


Elizabeth Thompson
Mohamed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace, American University